Organic fresh Wheatgrass available to greater Cincinnati, Ohio.

The nutritional breakdown of Wheatgrass is so concentrated that one ounce of Wheatgrass has the same nutritive value as 2.5 pounds of green garden vegetables. Our wheatgrass starts with organic wheat berries grown in a special organic nutritionally fortified soil, providing maximum health benefit and peak flavor.

You can get Huntergreengrass wheatgrass at a location called “Fresh is Best” juice and smoothie cafe located at 2894 State Route 22 & 3, Maineville Ohio 45039. 513-716-5546. Located right next door to the YMCA. We now offer Huntergreengrass wheatgrass at Smoothie King in West Chester located at 9320 Union Centre Blvd. off of route 75.  513- 847-4929. Julie the owner offers shots of wheatgrass as well as 1 pound bags for sale.

 We offer delivery directly to your door for a small delivery fee. Wheatgrass by the pound is $20.00. Call 513-833-5522 to discuss getting on our weekly schedule.


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Wheatgrass Juice