Hello and welcome to the “Blob” I mean “Blog”. Always start out with a joke right? While none of the important content of what I’ll be writing will be light or humorous, I am going to try to entertain along the way so people won’t get bored as easily reading fact after fact after fact after….see what I mean?

Here are some of the topics I will cover:

Vegetarian and frugivorous diets, from a scientific and logical standpoint with a little compassion and ethics thrown in. Living or Raw food and veganism. Famous vegetarians (for fun) and my list of most important foods for human consumption to have a happy and healthy lifestyle. It’s not so important how long one lives but what the quality of one’s life is health wise each and every day. I will also cover our genuine life expectancy. And also, some diet don’ts. When all goes well you will see articles related to exercise and mental health. Health without wealth can be unhealthy too so you’ll see some of that. So let’s get started shall we? Did I mention recipes? This will turn out to be the most practical of all as everything can look good on paper but the proof is in the pudding. On the website huntergreengrass.com you can read from the about us page and read a little about me but I have turned into a genius since that was written. (JK for phlegmatics and critics). Also, if you want to sit back with a glass of wine while becoming informed that’s ok. Remember Jesus’ first miracle? Oh no Religion. I am definitely not a religionist but I am going to surely talk about God and some weird stuff like magnetism and mathematics. I promise it will all fit. Except don’t expect me to talk too much about quarks, quantum mechanics or logarithms or celebrities, except Al Gore oops. No politics? or will there? If it’s related stuff I’ll talk about it. Obviously, for example, eating fatty foods and salt is already political as well as smoking and grass (not my kind).

Talk to you soon.

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