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Who cares what anyone else does? Really? We all care at least a little. For those  few who might not, then this won’t be as fun for them to read as it is for me to write. I am going to feature a famous vegetarian from time to time. I am usually not going to differentiate between vegan and veggie. Most of my readers are aware of the difference and can find out more about each person on their own. Today’s famous person is non other than Albert Einstein. He is an exception ( huh?) so I will just use a few of his quotes: “So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore.”

This was from a letter written to Hans Muehsam, and dated March 30, 1954, which was about 1 year before Einstein died. This indicates he adopted a vegetarian diet at the end of his life. Previously, on August3, 1953 Einstein had written the following in a letter to Max Kariel, suggesting that he was still eating meat at that time: “I have always eaten animal flesh with a somewhat guilty conscience.” I like this one: “Although I have been prevented by outward circumstances from observing a strictly vegetarian diet, I have long been an adherent to the cause in principle. Besides agreeing with the aims of vegetarianism for aesthetic and moral reasons, it is my view that a vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.” Translation of letter to Hermann Huth, December 27, 1930. Einstein Archive 46-756. I have read two thick books about the life of Einstein and the only thing I didn’t understand was E=mc2 🙂

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