Raw food restaurant/juice bar

Who wouldn’t want a raw foods restaurant/juice bar downtown? That should be the question. Maybe some day it will. For now though, we are interested to find out who would. The gift shop would have the best and coolest health products around……and art! And the restaurant would have live music. Heck, if we can have a casino right? Shot of wheatgrass anyone?      Maybe it could be near it. Completion is expected in 2 years. That would give us plenty of time. We have the experience and the recipes. All we need are the people. Build it and they will come. Well, we are planning on it but we would like to know who is with us. Please email us at: info@huntergreengrass.com and let us know. Meanwhile enjoy our great tasting and healthy wheatgrass. Remember, we deliver to the Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area

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