Wheatgrass Juice

Well a full week has gone by at our new juice, smoothie and soup bar. It was a great experience. I especially loved making wheatgrass shots because I seemed to always have a little left over hmmmmmmmm for me to enjoy. Our wheatgrass is sweet and delicious as well as nutritious. We grow our own wheatgrass and serve it in our own juicebar! How cool is that. I love to watch the smiles of the people who have wheatgrass for the first time and want to hold their nose in some cases and then are shocked when they actually like it. I am happy and proud to bring the best quality wheatgrass to Findlay Market in Cincinnati. I was told Cincinnati needed a place like ours smack in the middle of the market. If you want superior strength, health, energy and stamina come check out huntergreengrass ( home of the best wheatgrass in Cincinnatii ) Mention this blog and I’ll share a shot or two with you 🙂

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