Juice Bar

It’s been three months since we opened our juice bar in Cincinnati at Findlay Market. We are also a smoothie bar and a soup bar. We feel blessed having so many return customers and customers who are now our friends. Speaking of soup, some of our soup devotees could care less about health ( well that’s not really true) but love our soup. Remember that commercial ” where’s the beef?” Well, when you eat our organic split split pea soup you wont’t be saying “where’s the ham”? It is THAT delicious. All the soups are Barbara’s recipes and I aint gonna try to fix something that aint broken. By the way , thank you customers/friends who made us successful. And thank you fellow vendors for making Huntergreengrass feel welcomed….and the staff in orange…and the police. If I ever get a ticket again I would want them to get the credit. They are that great. I have great news! Moving forward we are introducing a new raw organic protein/energy/meal replacement bar. We are also beginning our planning for a raw restaurant.  There are other additions that we are adding to our juice bar which I will be writing about in the next few days. Peace

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