Our locally grown Cincinnati wheatgrass.

Our locally grown wheatgrass getting ready for harvest.

Looking for the best wheatgrass in Cincinnati? You’ve come to the right place.

Our locally grown wheatgrass starts with organic wheat berries grown in a special organic nutritionally fortified soil.  The secret lies in when we harvest it.  If it is cut too early it will be extremely sweet; in addition to being sweet, the grass hasn’t reached it’s nutritional peak yet.  If you wait too long to harvest the wheatgrass, it will taste very bitter.  The best time to cut wheatgrass in order to have the highest nutritional content with the best taste, comes from grass cut when it is about 6-10 inches tall.

When the wheatgrass reaches its nutritional peak, we cut the whole tray and package it in a storage bag in the refrigerator where it lasts up to 10 days. There is no benefit to keeping a tray and cutting each time you want a shot to drink. Some people love the taste of wheatgrass and others just like to mix it with other juices. Either way, you are getting the great benefits inherent in wheatgrass juice.

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