Due to recent unforeseeable changes, Huntergreengrass juice and smoothie bar will no longer be open at Findlay Market. You can still get Huntergreengrass wheatgrass at a new location called “Fresh is Best” juice and smoothie cafe located at 2894 State Route 22 & 3, Maineville Ohio 45039. 513-716-5546. Located right next door to the YMCA.

If this location does not work for you, we are also located in Milford for pick-up or we can deliver directly to you for a small delivery fee. Wheatgrass by the pound is $15.00. Call 513-833-5522 to discuss getting on our weekly schedule.

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Smoothie weather !! ( or juice ) mention you saw THIS on FB or website and get a free upgrade from a 16 to a 24 or from a shot of wheatgrass to a double.

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Monday blues ( but happy blues)

Tomorrow is my last cooked food day. My raw diet was going along just fine when I kept losing weight. I felt great but I got a little nervous. Now I’m ready to do it right! I need to eat enough food to balance my physical activity level. So I planned well. In future posts I will describe my diet in detail. I’m developing a new raw organic fresh smoothie that weighs in at about 600 calories and 40 grams of pure plant protein power. It will of course contain wheatgrass. Although I like to have a shot on an empty stomach early in the day, sometimes I add a shot to a drink as well. Love my wheatgrass. It’s better ‘n lickin the bottom of a lawn mower on a hot day right after mowing 🙂

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falsage and peppers

We are experiencing a demand for our vegan entrees. We now have 5 dishes: The famous Broiled Tofu with wild rice and cashews, Mac un Cheese, Italian Pasta, Chile con Kari and Falsage and peppers with roasted potatoes. Vegan at it’s best! Any fare at it’s best!

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Day 20

Today is day 20 of being 100% raw. I feel great! I want to tell you about one pain that went away. Whenever it would rain my feet would hurt like heck. Well, it’s been raining and the pain is gone. I had a small twinge yesterday but it was very light. Also, I had an annoying cough that has just about faded away! All this after only 3 weeks! I’ve been drinking about 5 shots of wheatgrass a day and that helps. Also I’ve been starting my day with a glass of freshly squeezed organic orange juice. I will share the rest of my diet over the next few weeks. It’s 5:30 am and I’m leaving to go to my juice bar. Gotta lotta thirsty people out there.

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finally started 100% raw food diet with wheatgrass as the foundation

Today I had 4 shots of wheatgrass! I started my raw food diet and I know how important wheatgrass is when becoming raw. I welcome any questions concerning either my diet or about wheatgrass in general. I can be reached at: 513.316.4159 or come to my huntergreengrass juice and smoothie bar at Findlay Market in OTR Cincinnati Ohio.

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“Best of Juice Bar Cincinnati”

We have the best wheatgrass in Cincinnati but we are trying to be the the best juice bar in Cincinnati. By being the best we know we are serving the public which is what they deserve.

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Juice Bar

It’s been three months since we opened our juice bar in Cincinnati at Findlay Market. We are also a smoothie bar and a soup bar. We feel blessed having so many return customers and customers who are now our friends. Speaking of soup, some of our soup devotees could care less about health ( well that’s not really true) but love our soup. Remember that commercial ” where’s the beef?” Well, when you eat our organic split split pea soup you wont’t be saying “where’s the ham”? It is THAT delicious. All the soups are Barbara’s recipes and I aint gonna try to fix something that aint broken. By the way , thank you customers/friends who made us successful. And thank you fellow vendors for making Huntergreengrass feel welcomed….and the staff in orange…and the police. If I ever get a ticket again I would want them to get the credit. They are that great. I have great news! Moving forward we are introducing a new raw organic protein/energy/meal replacement bar. We are also beginning our planning for a raw restaurant.  There are other additions that we are adding to our juice bar which I will be writing about in the next few days. Peace

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Facebook Integration

In order to help our customers stay up to date on our shop no matter how you visit us on the web, Huntergreengrass.com now includes Facebook integration. You can now comment using your Facebook ID, “Like” our posts just by clicking a button, and see Huntergreengrass.com blog posts on our Facebook page.

Let us know what you think!

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Wheatgrass Juice

Well a full week has gone by at our new juice, smoothie and soup bar. It was a great experience. I especially loved making wheatgrass shots because I seemed to always have a little left over hmmmmmmmm for me to enjoy. Our wheatgrass is sweet and delicious as well as nutritious. We grow our own wheatgrass and serve it in our own juicebar! How cool is that. I love to watch the smiles of the people who have wheatgrass for the first time and want to hold their nose in some cases and then are shocked when they actually like it. I am happy and proud to bring the best quality wheatgrass to Findlay Market in Cincinnati. I was told Cincinnati needed a place like ours smack in the middle of the market. If you want superior strength, health, energy and stamina come check out huntergreengrass ( home of the best wheatgrass in Cincinnatii ) Mention this blog and I’ll share a shot or two with you 🙂

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